Carly Brady

Carly Brady was born in Oregon. She has been travelling all over the world since she was a baby. It started with her mom’s work which took the whole family to China for one year. After that, the rest of her family’s international adventures were about connection, community, food systems and education. Travelling to Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Czech Republic, Amsterdam, Spain, and all over the US, really enriched her life and in turn gave her inspiration to write.

When she was six and seven her family travelled all over New Zealand and Australia for seven months. Carly’s parents home-schooled her and her sister during this trip and bought her an iPad with educational apps. Little did they know they had just given her a device where she would write a few book series’ on. She had just learned to write and had many stories to tell.

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She spent most of her free time on the notes app and wrote about animals that acted like humans. She sent these characters on adventures, where they made friends and showed compassion to those in need. Though she has since lost those stories, they are what started her on this journey and she will cherish them forever.

In fourth grade, Carly was in another international school, this time in Sayulita Mexico at a school called Costa Verde. While she didn’t write during this time, the story ideas were brewing.

Her family found home in Canada the summer before fifth grade. Here her passion reignited and she sat on her floor and typed away on an old iMac late into the night. Her style at the time was comedy. She filled her chapters with jokes, sarcasm, and pranks her characters would play on each other.

Since then, her books have taken a more serious tone. But what hasn’t changed is the theme of magic and a pinch of sarcasm. Her new characters face dangerous foes. These characters have complex internal conflicts that impact their relationships and dictate how they handle the curveballs they are thrown.

Carly attended a high school called Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry where she received incredible support with her books and was encouraged by one of her teachers to go down the publishing path.

Magical creatures, compassion amongst adversaries, and danger-filled adventures continue to inspire her books, making an intimidating list of book ideas she can’t wait to bring to life.

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