Two Worlds

Two Worlds

The Heroes of Olympus meets The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in this action-packed, humorous, epic fantasy with mysterious villains, never-before-seen magical creatures, and magical dimensions.

When the lines between reality and magic blur, one teen must find the power within to save the worlds.

One minute James is just a normal high school kid—the next, he’s transported by a crystal ball into another dimension.

Stuck inside this unfamiliar place, James is uncontrollably catapulted through multiple eras in different bodies. Here he meets two wizards Willow and Nova, and an elf named Christopher. To get back to Earth, they must survive deserts, jungles, and war-torn lands from a previous world war.

But back on Earth nothing is as it seems. Time has shifted. His mother reported him missing over a month ago. And enemies, both wizard and robotic, begin to emerge with magical powers beyond imagination. The two enemy forces have one thing in common—they want James on their side. It becomes clear to James that he might not be as normal as he was raised to believe. Both enemy forces claim the other is bad, and are equally convincing. With the dimensions at risk, due to corruption and rumours of destruction, James needs to figure out who he can trust.

To fight the corruption and save both Earth and the magical worlds, James must learn the truth and awaken the powers that have always lived inside him.

Releasing July 16th, 2024!


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