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James Baxter series

Book 1 – Two Worlds

James is a sixteen-year-old royal wizard from a small town on Earth called Hankala, which is located in Alaska. He’s captain of his soccer team and has a little sister named Kristin. He was the man of the house until his mom met Jack Wilson. But Jack ran out on them the same day she told him she was pregnant. James was made fun of in middle school for it. This inserted insecurity and anger into James, turning him into a not so nice kid in highschool. But his soccer team and brother from another family, Logan Rizzo, keeps him from going completely dark.

Susan is a forty-three-year-old human with The Sight and a mom of two. She is the owner of Baxter’s baked goods, and lives in Hankala, Alaska. She is strict, but caring, and crazy brave. If either of her kids are in danger, she is will risk everything to save them.

Marcel is a fifty-year-old royal wizard born and raised in Geheim. He’s the son of Esme and the legendary Bram Featherstone who he lost when he was only four years old. He and his little sister were raised to adulthood by their mother who never returned from her final mission. Soon after, his sister set out to find her and then she too disappears, leaving Marcel all alone. So, to distract from the pain, he takes up teaching and instantly discovers he can’t stand children. But he stays at his job because Earth is a nice change in scenery and talking about history all day isn’t so bad. Afterall, it is one of his favourite topics. But, as he later discovers, James Baxter––the student he hates the most––is his biological son and the most powerful wizard in existence.

Nova is a forty-five-year-old royal wizard born and raised in Geheim. She’s the daughter of Bram and Esme and little sister of Marcel. She only knew her father for the first six months of her life, but his death somehow managed to hurt her the most out of everyone and she became cold and keeps her emotions hidden. She was promoted to The Counsel after her mother went missing. But quickly gets herself shunned when she goes against orders and protocol to search for her mother. But that doesn’t matter, because she never returns from her mission. Nova ends up getting trapped in a crystal ball where she is put through many tests. She gets stuck in one of the tests, a desert, for fifteen years and never ages.

Logan is a sixteen-year-old human with The Sight. Born and raised on Earth in the small town of Hankala, Alaska. His dad is Italian, and his mom is from Alaska. Logan is fluent in Italian. He is on the soccer team and loves being goalie. He’s super introverted and shy, the complete opposite of everyone on his team.

Willow is a fifteen-year-old wizard raised on Earth and in Geheim. She was born in Destruction Bay, Canada with an extremely rare curse known as Videorious, meaning she can’t speak. As a girl who has a lot to say, this is very difficult for her and she dreams about having a voice one day. Willow loves to draw, which is why her jeans are always covered in ink. She is a wizard raised by a Martial arts instructor father and potion maker mother who masquerades as a baker. Her father taught her how to fight. So, as well as sword-fighting, she knows karate and likes to merge the styles into one. The three of them are very close. So, understandably, her biggest fear is losing the people she loves. She has been trapped in the crystal ball for two years. Geheim and her parents have presumed her dead.

Christopher is an eight-year-old elf–– but is not much taller than a toddler–– with curious mahogany-brown eyes and a bright smile. He was born in England and spends equal time there and in Geheim.

He has a sweet British accent and is always wearing some sort of animal print and an old newsboy hat that is his dads, so it is way too big on Christopher.

Christopher lives in the elf village in Geheim, raised by loving elf parents Tiny and Dagwood. One day, like any other, he was running to his friends house and ended up in the crystal ball. He thought he was having a bad dream until he ended up in Dunkirk and found Nova, James, and Willow.

Jack is a fifty-year-old human born and raised in Florida. He moved to Hankala because he hates hot weather. Here, he meets his wife, Susan and her son, James. He does not have The Sight. Jack works in construction so he often wears a stained work shirt, tattered jeans, and hiking shoes. But at home he is clean and sophisticated. Jack is a sensitive and timid guy who doesn’t want to be a father and has trouble with commitment. So when Susan became pregnant with his daughter, he turned tail and ran. He’s not a bad man, he’s just scared. 

Kristen is a seven-year-old human born and raised in Hankala, Alaska by a single mom. She does not have The Sight. Her clothes never match. Like, boot cut jeans under a white tutu, a Tinkerbell long-sleeve shirt, ankle socks, and tennis shoes or flip flops. Kristen adores her big brother, James. He is her hero. Besides home, her favourite place to go is her mom’s bakery. The staff treat her like their own and sneak her treats behind Susan’s back. She’s a carefree kid.

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James Baxter series

Stone coloured skin with the texture of clay, six feet tall, two arms with knobby elbows, four claws for fingers, four legged monsters, their two extra legs–-the lower half of a leg––coming out of their other legs knees, with their head bigger than it should be, ending with a hook at the back that looks like the back of a hammer. They have two large fish eyes, with green irises. Their teeth are big and their underbite makes it so you can see just how many and how pointy. They live in Aebadore.

Diet: They eat wizards, non-mythicals (humans), elves. But if there are none, then they’ll eat whatever animal crosses their path.
Lifespan: 30 years
How to kill them: Weapons––especially those with blades––and spells.

Male lions that have manes made up of two dozen cobras. They spit venom and leap out of the mane to attack you. Female medusae iubam are rarely seen and sparse in numbers. This creature lives in Aebadore.

Diet: They eat wizards and other animals, hunting like lions would, in a group. But there’s more than one male in a pride.
Lifespan: 15 years
How to kill them: The only way to kill it is to cut off all of the cobras with a red zircon dagger. This dagger burns the scales of the cobras like it has been sitting on the stove for an hour.

Komodo dragons the size of golden retrievers. Their transparent skin is grey-ish green with a skeleton you can see that shimmers with dark rainbow colours. They have sharp teeth and live in groups. Orin charge heads ducked with their mouths hanging open. They live in Aebadore.

Diet: They eat any kind of animal, including non-mythicals (humans), but they avoid elves.
Lifespan: 5 years.
How to kill them: Swords, daggers, and spells.

Its name means A Crown of Swords. They are big, green, shimmering, scaled triceratops-looking monsters. Its smallest horn can be used for medicine. They run with their knees bent far forward to support their thick legs, and their head rocking, brandishing their crown of sharp horns. They live in Aebadore.

Diet: They are omnivores. They’ll eat anything from non-mythicals (humans), wizards, and elves, to ferns, leaves, and cucurbitaceae (squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, etc).
Lifespan: 20 years.
How to kill them: Spells or a sharp blade to the soft underside of their necks.

An invisible monster that is just a force that has no form. On occasion, when attacking, you might catch a glimpse of a dynamic glittery cloud. It’s like deadly air. If it runs through you three times, you’re dead. The first pass through injures you, the second debilitates you, and the third kills you. They float around Magmafalls and Aebadore.

Diet: Souls.
Lifespan: Unknown.
How to kill them: Cast the spell Disperge (meaning disperse).

A regular animal (like a bird, rabbit, or a dog) that morphs into a giant, slimy, grey lizard that has a spine lined with a mohawk of spiky grey fur clinking with jewels. They have white irises. When Rixinites run, their heads turn before their bodies, giving away their plans. They are light on their front legs, stronger with their back legs, like they’re propelling themselves. Their knees and elbows swing out as they move. They live in Aebadore and on Earth.

Diet: Wizards, elves, and orin.
Lifespan: 10 years.
How to kill them: You have to cast three spells in a specific order. Stupefaciunt (stun), Coquam cibum (roast the meat), Interne secare (slice the insides).
If they are cast out of order or too early then it’s all undone and they become stronger.

Seven foot wolves with thick fur of colours like brown, black, white, rust, and a mix of all four. They’re predators to all monsters. They live in large packs in both Aebardore and Magmafalls. There are only a couple packs left after a war that happened between the werewolves and the wizards, which ended in the werewolves banishment from Geheim. These monsters have human forms too.

Diet: They are carnivores, but still eat all kinds of non-mythical (human) food.
Lifespan: 500 years. They stop ageing physically and mentally around age 30 to 45 years old. 0 to 30 year olds are considered pups. From ages 30 to 90 they are considered young adults. From 90 to 400, they are middle-aged. Finally, 400 to 500 is considered old age but it’s not the same as a non-mythical (human) at old age.
How to kill them: The way to kill them is with magic or a weapon. The most deadly to them is silver, but it doesn’t kill them, it puts them in a vegetable state.

With their green skin, scaled tails, and ugly faces, they look monstrous enough to live in Magmafalls if there was water there. The small population of mermaids guard Geheim’s only entrance and announce visitors to The Counsel through letters they write telepathically. Their demeanour is surprisingly friendly and are eternally loyal.

Diet: Fresh water fish and plants.
Lifespan: 50 years.

Short, human-like beings with pointy ears. The children are no taller than a toddler until they reach teenagehood. Elves wear animal skin patterns or feathers everyday in some shape or form. That can mean a shirt, pants, scarf, sash, bandana, or anything else you can think of.

Diet: Non-mythical (human) food.
Lifespan: 70 years.

Non-mythical (human) in appearance, but there’s something in their DNA and blood that gives them the ability to use magic and sets them apart from non-mythicals (humans).

Diet: Non-mythical (human) food.
Lifespan: 80+ years.
How to kill them: Weapons and spells.

Brown lion bodies, slightly bigger and taller than a horse, lion hindlegs, scaley eagle-talon forelegs with long, sharp claws that could tear any enemy to shreds. White wings the size of parachutes sprout from the top of their shoulder blades. They have white feathery eagle necks and heads, and a sharp eagle beak. Their screeches can be heard from miles around and they can communicate with most wizards with their thoughts and understand the human English responses. They are the horses of the magical worlds and many are kept as pets and appear when they are summoned. But others are wild. Griffins are extremely loyal. They travel in flocks, but there is no leader or runt, just family. They live in Geheim, Omeberos, and Earth and find shelter in a special stable hidden from non-mythical’s (humans) eyes. When travelling between worlds, they turn into a burst of sparkly blue magic or a blinding white light. This is their form of portaling.

Diet: Meat, mainly fish.
Lifespan: 50 years.

Boney-framed, four-legged monsters with dark-green scales that shimmer like silver. Their wide eyes are golden and piercing. Their wingspan is that of an airplane, though adolescents wings are slightly smaller. As they fly, their parchment-like wings shudder with the changing wind currents. Dragons have horn-lined necks and tails that are sharp enough to hurt someone, but they are peaceful monsters––unlike how they are depicted in ancient tales. Dragons walk with grace and rhythm, swishing their pointed tails. They are known for their strength and surprisingly docile nature and are loyal to those who are kind to them. Dragons live in Omeberos, but travel to Geheim when they are summoned.

Diet: Meat.
Lifespan: 25 years.

Non-mythical (human) in appearance––minus legs––with fluffy proportions and made of transparent clouds. They live peacefully in Omeberos and look out for everyone there. Their homes are in the sky above the mountain peaks.

Diet: Non-mythical (human) food.
Lifespan: 60 years.

Half-man or woman and half-horse, coated in grease. They live on the mountain beside Mount Genneiros in Geheim and forge weapons in huge caves that they supply to all of Geheim and even the wizards that call Earth home. But they aren’t just blacksmiths, they are deadly fighters and wont go down easily.

Diet: Non-mythical (human) vegetarian food.
Lifespan: 30 years

Golden birds born from fire with feathers like silk forming a crest on the back of their head. These birds are the size of falcons and have an identical wingspan to them. They live in Omeberos at the base of the mountains in craggy trees.

Diet: Fish.
Lifespan: Unknown.

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