James Baxter series

Terms and sayings

Any creature from the magical worlds. For example, wizards, elves, centaurs, and werewolves.

Regular people on Earth. In other words, people without magic.

A non-mythical that has the ability to see magical things.

Mythicals that don’t live in Geheim.

Videorious is incredibly rare. There are only two recorded cases of this curse. Willow is the second to be diagnosed. Though this is a curse, it gives the person powers. It takes away their voice, but they can communicate through memories and clips from television. In order to transfer these images to another person, they have to touch them (arm, shoulder, back, etc.). But it does not work on everyone. The only sound Willow and the first patient can make is laughter.

A group of ten wizards and elves that rule over the three magical worlds. They are considered royalty.

The Geheim Medical Unit. The doctors, surgeons, and nurses of the magical worlds. Their hospital is in the hill under the O Arbor Vitae.


The capital of the magical worlds where the Counsel rules from and all the wizards, elves, centaurs, mermaids, and some griffins live. You enter by portal and appear on the other side inside a jewel-encrusted cave, sitting on a cart that’s riding on floating tracks over a lake. Once you’re in open air, and you step out of the cart, there are two rows of trees with floating leaves. They create an aisle to the huge tree called the O Arbor Vitae and underneath it is Geheim’s hospital. To the right is a small pond called The Library. Behind it is Ravenswood. Then, the only things bigger than the O Arbor Vitae are Mount Genneiros and the unnamed mountain centaurs call home and have carved out blacksmith shops in the hard rock. At the base of the centaur mountain is a widespread elf village and a wizard village full of poor and middle-class citizens.

This is the school for wizards, from grades one to twelve. Their training ground is open to the students and general public.

What was once a beautiful lake is now a small pond. The Library is bordered on one side by some concrete amphitheatre seats, three steps high, and two trees with floating leaves. The Library has the power to show you anything from the past and present. It cannot show the future.

An enormous tree that hides a castle inside it. This castle is rooted in Geheim and is the White House of the magic worlds. It belongs to The Counsel and is closed to the public unless they have an audience with them.

A hollowed out mountain. Mount Genneiros houses the royal wizards and elves and their families. It also has a library of special spell books that contain spells the lower class wizards never see or learn. They have the biggest training grounds in Geheim and there’s also a large dining hall with delicious food served three times a day. The residents have their own kitchens as well.

The most dangerous of the worlds, made up of maroon rock and molten lava. This is where Zyron built his workshop and created the world’s most powerful creature, Robotachtige Tovenaar. His workshop still stands, in nearly mint condition, to this day. His magical robotic creation, oporero, and a pack of werewolves are the only inhabitants of this world.

A jungle, marsh, and grassland world full of dangerous monsters such as the coronam de gladii, zatra, werewolves, orin, oporero, and rixinites. A banished and punished wizard lives here too.

Omeberos is one of the magical worlds. It has a mountainous landscape with a vast green valley. Most of its residents live in the sky. This haven is home to most of the peaceful monsters like dragons, hippocampus, phoenix birds, cloud spirits, and griffins.

A world of land and water, inhabited by non-mythicals that are oblivious to the existence of the other worlds and the magic that inhabits them. They are even unaware of the few magical monsters that lurk in the wild or the wizards that walk amongst them.


These are how they cast their spells. You can’t cast a spell without them. But one wizard can… 😉

All wizards and royal elves own them. They are only worn on special occasions. Each colour has a meaning. For example, green means wisdom.

This paper is used to send letters. After writing and addressing it to the person, the ink fades and the paper can be used again. Then the letter that was sent will appear in the recipient’s home.

A dark-red gemstone carved into the shape of a blade. It is one of the most powerful daggers, which is why wizards carry them at all times. This dagger is the only way to kill a medusae iubam.

It means ‘The Symbols of Unity’. They are three banners that hang proudly over the entrance to the O Arbor Vitae. The banner with the wolf stands for Law. The feather banner stands for Good Magic. And the last one, the padlock, stands for Trust.

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